Thursday, January 1, 2015

christmas crafting {2014}

i know, i have all been impatiently waiting to get a peek at our 2014 baumgartner christmas ornament, haven't you?!  we did indeed continue our tradition with a homemade ornament, and i love how they turned out!  

our snowflakes were made out of clothespins, and the various steps of taking them apart, gluing them back together, staining them, attaching string and tags all allowed our kiddos the opportunity to participate. 

if you are curious, you can take a peek at our previous year ornaments here:

we also did a fun painting project to give to grandparents, and this was a big hit with the kids while making them, and with the grandparents when opening them!

their little thumbprints served as a string of christmas lights.....and i just love that we will be able to look back on how much the've grown as we display these festive decorations! 

oh, and this is how hendrix writes his name these days - 4 years old - i am so proud of him! (though if i don't remind him to start on the left, he wants to start on the right and write the letters backwards.....not sure if that is a product of being a lefty, or if that is just a normal preschool!)

hope your family had a warm holiday season filled with love, projects and fun!  ;)

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