Wednesday, January 8, 2014

our homemade ornament tradition continues

we strayed a tad bit from our norm this year with our homemade holiday ornaments.
while they were all glass balls that we decorated with burlap, lace, twine and ribbon; each one was made unique.

this was a really fun family project, as my 3 year old enjoyed snipping the various cloths and stuffing them inside the balls.  daddy was a big fan of winding and wrapping on the outside, and i did lots of bow tying and label printing.

overall, i am very pleased with the finished product, and absolutely love the shabby-chic feel that they add to my christmas tree.  i kept three (so that we have a family one, and both hendrix and blaire will be able to have one of their own for their future tree someday.)

it seems like the number of ornaments that we make has grown each year....and with the fall being such a busy time of year for my photography business, it was imperative that we make an ornament that was relatively simple.

i think in this case, however, simple is nice ;)

for more crafty inspiration, check out our past baumgartner family ornaments!

i absolutely love placing all the hand-made ornaments on my tree every year (both those that we have made, and those that have been made by our friends and family) and reflecting on all the fond memories associated with them.  

we have much to be thankful for!

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