Tuesday, May 20, 2014

soccer kiddos

on the last day of hendrix's soccer clinic; blaire and i trailed along for the ride (and some photos) as he was very excited to show us what he had been learning.  

we had not even been inside 5 minutes before blaire had decided that she needed to pick up a soccer ball and follow in his footsteps.

thankfully the class was very laid back, and it wasn't a problem that she wanted to participate.  they started with some warm ups.

a special shout out to aunt hannah, whom i am pretty sure owns this exact same outfit, this little munchkin is going to follow in your footsteps, i believe ;)

we were thrilled to be in the same section as some friends.  everything is more fun when your pals are with you ;)

he had so much fun!

and she did too!

i think we may have a future ball girl on our hands.......

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