Wednesday, May 7, 2014

fun in the sun {summer style}

today felt like summer....and after running around at the park and getting all sweaty, we decided to get out the swimming pool to cool off.

the kids had a blast!

this spunky little mister was all smiles as he splashed and watered the plants, sidewalk and blaire ;)

then she had to take a little time out to smell the flowers.....

this little face just melts me!  with flushed cheeks and wild hair, i think she is just a doll baby.  with some serious attitude however.....

and miss opinionated over here, wouldn't take off her 'sparkly shoes' even to play in the pool.  or to play in the sandbox after the pool......needless to say they are in the washing machine right now......gotta get 'em clean before tomorrow as she won't leave the house in any other pair of shoes right now.  they. are. her. favorite. ;)

and a grand finale to a fun afternoon outside was grilled pork chops followed by pink ice cream cones.

does it get any better than this?!?


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