Wednesday, May 21, 2014

end-of-year {preschool} program

hendrix's preschool had an end-of-year celebration last week complete with singing and performing followed by treats and energetic excitement.

i can't believe that we are already at the end of his first year of preschool.

it has been such an awesome experience and i am so thankful that we chose to send him to adventures!

we took his favorite snack of all time as our treat - rice krispie treats covered in sprinkles!

he was such a good little performer when they sang their songs....doing all sorts of crazy dance moves....

and even bowing after the songs.  the first one he made a particularly big effort of it, saying 'thank you mom' and 'thank you dad' with each bow.  what a ham ball he is.

this kid loves centerstage.

like. seriously.

their 'pete the cat i love my white shoes' dance presentation was a blast, and i loved watching his proud little smirk as he moved through his parts.

then the kids presented a special art project to teacher lisa, as this was her final year (after 14 years) at adventures preschool and she will be greatly missed!

these two have so much patience and enthusiasm, and i have been so excited to watch hendrix grow and thrive under their direction.

he talks about school and the things that he does there in great depth at home and while he has made some huge leaps in the academic world of learning numbers, letters, shapes, and colors; more importantly he is learning incredibly invaluable life skills about sharing, expressing your feelings with words, patience, self control and independent thinking and actions.

i am not sure what i am going to do with this little ball of energy all summer.......  


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