Monday, December 19, 2011

books, books, books!

snuggling up with daddy to read a few favorite stories before he heads off to work is a great way to start a monday morning ;)

reading is pretty much a favorite pastime for hendrix and i think that is primarily responsible for his exploding vocabulary (he says clearly some 100+ words).  

he wants to read his favorite stories over and over again.  but it is also not uncommon for us to sit down and shuffle through all 30 some books in his little book basket, reading each one, before he is ready to move on to another activity.  you might remember that i had hoped for this kind of passion for literacy, but is it okay for me to admit that i am kind of bored with these stories?

i think that he is finally capable of taking good care of his reading materials, so we can safely start checking out books from the library.  but on our last trip he still only picked out books with farm animals in them.  not really a ton of variety there kiddo.  

my super messy toddler sounds an awful lot like some sort of weird cross-bred animal as he wanders around the house making all sorts of silly sounds.  it sure makes me wonder if this is a phase or is he is going to be the world's largest animal lover. ;)

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