Tuesday, December 20, 2011

is this really december?!

i definitely don't want this to sound like i am complaining, because i honestly adore 40+ degree weather in december.......

but there is something about it that makes it really hard to believe that this is the week of christmas! already!

hendrix is really only wearing his mittens at the park because he refused to play outside without them. not because it was cold enough to need them.  i love the way he says 'mittens' and he thinks that they are as necessary as putting his shoes on.  

most of the time we don't even bother with the thumb hole.  he just can't really grab anything when he has them on.  lol

yes, he has a current fascination with climbing up the slide. doesn't he just look so delighted!?!

oh and he wants to try everything.  just like the big boys.  even sliding down the 'fireman's pole'........(to mommy's fear and dismay).  didn't catch a picture of that because i was scared spitless that he was going to land face first.

unfortunately i am finding it harder and harder to take photos of him as he experiences fun things unless daddy is with us to help make sure he stays safe and within an arm's reach while my face is buried in my lens.  

it makes me sad because i miss capturing so many special moments, but at the same time it encourages me to slow down and really savor it all so that i have the memories forever.

love this boy so much.

and how about them lashes?

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