Monday, June 13, 2011


My husband's office had a booth at summerfest this past Saturday and we spent a couple hours checking out what it was all about.  Hendrix was in an especially happy mood, and it was a gorgeous sunny day to spend outside!

Daddy tried to show Hendrix how to draw some architectural plans. 

He also let him build a spaghetti noodle and marshmallow tower.  There was a contest at the booth; and while Hendrix seemed sort of interested in participating, it was really just in hopes of getting to have a few bites of marshmallow.

Daddy didn't let him down. ;)

We also discovered that Hendrix has a real love for balloons.  He is seriously infatuated.  He would just kick his little legs and giggle every time he saw one!  

They were everywhere, so that was real fun!

He also got his first tattoo.  It was a Menace Soccer one. 

He wasn't sure about it. 

He did get a balloon to take home with us, and has been having fun with it the past couple of evenings.  It doesn't float anymore but he doesn't care at all.

What a silly dude!

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  1. What a beautiful, adorable, happy baby! I just love seeing his pictures, discovering his world and enjoying every minute of it. I suspect he's a very smart little boy too. Look out - that brings even more challenges!


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