Saturday, June 25, 2011

just a walk in the park

We spent a fun family afternoon at Mcfarland Park yesterday.  I really love that my hubby gets off work at Noon on Fridays (and I don't work on Fridays), as it makes for a really fun way to start out each weekend!

McFarland has a fun Naturalist's Lunchbox Program on Fridays throughout the summer, and it was really a neat experience for families.  Basically you just bring a sack lunch and listen to a presentation about various bugs or plants, coupled with fun stories and crafts.  Yesterday it was all about worms.  How appropriate as my little wiggle worm made me miss most of the presentation!  

It was really fun to see some of my friends there with their children, but I know that Hendrix will get more out of this kind of thing in the future.  In the meantime, he enjoyed being outdoors, and spending time with his daddy!

We saw lots of water, and a couple butterflies. 

For whatever reason the trees were super fascinating.....

...but walking around like a big boy was still Hendrix's highlight I think!

What a nice afternoon as a family. ;)

This is what a long afternoon in the sun does to my sweet little boy. ;)  Sweet dreams, pal!

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