Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Before and After

I am a little late on my 21 week post, in fact I am now closer to 22 weeks, but I will still go ahead and give you some stats on what little Hendrix has been up to this past week and a half.
  • His body weight should be nearing a pound, which is the size that a baby bear cub is when he is born.
  • His length is about 10 inches, which is significantly longer than last week, and that is because they start measuring him front crown to toes since he is starting to stretch out a lot more.  Before this point he would have been curled into a little ball for the most part, so the length was measured from crown to rump.  This length is about the size of a banana.
  • His eyelids are still sealed, but his eyes are fully formed and active. In fact, he is now capable of rapid eye movement (REM), which is an essential part of a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Hendrix's bone marrow is taking over its permanent job of making blood cells.
  • He regularly drinks amniotic fluid for both hydration and nutrition.
  • Overall, he is doing less developing, and more growing.  His weight, and subsequently, mine, will increase exponentially in the next few weeks.
In case you are wondering how much of that has already happened, I will include a current bump pic. 

I am still feeling great and am amazed at how much energy I still have these days.  We have spent every evening and almost all weekend working on projects at our house and I was able to keep up much better than I thought I would.  The heat wave we experienced last week gave me a little taste of being prego and hot, and I am really thankful that I will be spending many of my summer afternoons at the swimming pool this year!

For those of you who are interested in our house projects, I would like to post some before and after shots of some rooms in our house.  I would like to mention that none of this would have been possible without the amazing help of our family over the weekend!

My favorite room, obviously, Hendrix's nursery:

This is what we started with.

We started by tearing out the wallpaper.

We added a railing with pegs.

Did some coats of white paint.

Jake and Katie were a fabulous help with the green paint!

Painted a darker green on the bottom.

Pulled up the yucky carpet to be pleasantly surprised by the wood floor underneath.  And then my hubby got really excited about setting up our crib!

And this is what our hard work produced!  
I guess we are ready to bring Hendrix home now.  

Now we need to work on the projects that we actually need to have ready BEFORE we move in..... This is what our bathroom looks like today.......yes, that is very strong motivation to get to work.  We have big plans!


  1. The nursery looks FANTASTIC! Love the wood floors -- what a fun surprise! :)

  2. Wow! Hedrix's room looks awesome! Great job!


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