Wednesday, February 25, 2015

our next remodel project

you might remember that my hubby and i are pretty handy when it comes to DIY projects....and that we did some pretty incredible makeovers at our old home. (remember THAT bathroom?!?)  

since moving to our current home, our projects have dwindled significantly and i think the primary factor has been time.  in fact, that is the only explanation that i can find for the fact that my upstairs bathroom was still carpeted until last weekend.  carpet?  in a bathroom?  where two toddlers go potty?  
um, not anymore.

we pulled it up and started one of our largest remodel projects to date (actually, it may be somewhat of a tossup against the basement remodel at 212 S. Hazel - from this to this).

luckily, the bathroom is a pretty large room, but the current layout doesn't do it any favors.  we plan to rearrange the fixtures, and add a washer and dryer so i can have laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms (rather than in the basement - which is two flights of stairs down)

doing projects is so much more complicated with kiddos, but they are also super awesome helpers!

after we pulled back the carpet, we found not just one, but two layers of unsightly linoleum underneath.  the demo process took a good full day of effort.....

and when we finally got down to the subfloor we were pleasantly surprised with a decent layer of wood.  it is possible that we will salvage it - at least on the laundry room side.....

we also plan to keep the claw foot tub, though we want to move it to the corner of the room.

so i didn't realize that by jumping into this project we were going to have to turn the water off and stop using it.....but that is where we are at right now.  project standstill.

i am super excited about our plans however, and am excited to get started on rebuilding. 

stay tuned....

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