Friday, February 21, 2014

happy heart day {2014}

my little family celebrated valentine's day for a long time this year!  we got out the heart decorations just as we were putting away the christmas decorations, and they just came down yesterday.

hendrix helped me craft homemade valentines for his friends and family for literally a month.  every. day. he wanted to get out the tape and scissors and make valentines.  this kid loves a theme as much as his mama does....

oh and he loves crafts.....

and baking/cooking......

that made our heart-shaped, pink, rice krispy treats a total hit with this kid.

and they were delicious!

we saved out valentine presents for a special little party in the afternoon with daddy (since he gets off at noon on fridays) which was fun since hendrix got to open all his valentines from his preschool party in the morning, and this way we could drag the celebration out a little longer!

their bags were full of clothing and crafting supplies, with just a few little yummy treats (fruit snacks), and that is the way my kids prefer it ;)

honestly, this artsy boy spends hours coloring, snipping, taping, gluing........

and this little gal is following in his footsteps with her own colors, and stickers ;)

she does have a much shorter attention span, and needed to dip into the treats sooner than he did!  lol

and she got her first purse, which she proudly places things in and carries around.....

complete with her first chapstick.  poor girl is starting that obsession really early!  lol

i love these two little blessings!

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