Tuesday, February 25, 2014

bunnies, baskets, and eggs

so, i guess we are all ready for easter over here....


i know.

we still have TWO whole months before it is easter.

but you see, i was taking down my valentine's decorations the other day; which, of course, made hendrix curious about what comes next....  you know....  the next holiday.  
the next big event to decorate for, plan, coordinate, and theme?!?  

i believe i have mentioned before, that he loves holidays, and easter is the next one that i have decorations for.  (don't tell saint patty, okay?!)

so we got out all the bunnies, eggs, baskets and window clings.....

oh and we put m&m's inside all the eggs and hid them and then found them as a part of snacktime.  hendrix thought that it was important that we show blaire what an easter egg hunt is all about.

and we may or may not have already repeated that little egg hunt activity 3 or 4 times since....with fruit snacks, raisins and even pretzels.

i think blaire is getting the hang of it! ;)

you know, it is a great way to keep busy indoors on these cold and snowy days.....

now, here's to hoping for much nicer weather for the real deal come april ;)

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