Monday, December 16, 2013

santa express 2013 {holiday fun}

on friday night we went on our annual 'santa express' train ride in boone.  this is such a fun family tradition that we have shared with friends and family over the years.  this year we had a large group that included two sweet families that we just love, and my kids' cousin, aunt and uncle, and nana and papa!

(don't let that first photo fool you - the kids had a blast! so much fun, but so close to bedtime.......)

of course, this train ride is like a real life version of the polar express, so you have to wear your jammies (christmas ones are preferable!)

hendrix thought it was important to hang onto your ticket (and they even punched them multiple times just like the conductor in the movie!)  

these girls were not thrilled about posing for a photo, but they both seemed to really like the bumpiness of the train ride.....they were rather antsy with getting up and sitting down, and wanted to snack and read the whole trip, which was perfectly fine ;)

love this sweet family (my brother, sister-in-law, and niece!), and was soooo thrilled to share this experience with them!

peering out the window to see the north pole!

snacking on christmas cookies and hot cocoa.

hendrix's opinion of the trip - a thumbs up!!

oh, and the visit from santa was pretty magical!  hendrix is gripping his bell super tightly, saying merry christmas, santa!  (he even gave him a big hug!)

and don't forget the christmas stories!

what a fun way to really build excitement about this magical holiday season!

happy holidays! 

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