Wednesday, December 11, 2013

neverending smiles and giggles

ummmmm....remember me?!  
i don't blame you!

i know that it has been a while....

and i should probably be updating you on my daughter's first birthday.......

or sharing our fall family photos.....

or talking about all the fun things that our family is doing to get ready for the holidays....

or update you on my new job!! ;)

but instead,

i will leave you with theses images.

this cute lil' gal who is soaking up some special one-on-one moments with her mama while her big brother is still napping.

 she is 14 months and all independence.

love her to pieces!

p.s. i really truly am sorry about my silence.....i really do still take photos of my kids, and i still have lots of crazy stories to share.....but i am in a busy place right now.  a place where small business owner juggles double-trouble toddlers.  this place is challenging, and sometimes overwhelming, but, oh, so rewarding!  stick around.....i promise to come back ;)

and if you want mico-versions of the content that used to be compiled on this dusty old blog, you can come follow me over on instagram.  my iPhone makes those updates so easy peasy, and therefore much more frequent ;)

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