Friday, May 31, 2013

friends make life sweeter

hendrix is really starting to invest himself in his relationships with his little friends.  while i have always initiated and encouraged playdates (primarily because i enjoy hanging out with other mommies.....but also because i know it is good for his social skills), recently he has been the one that suggests we go and play with a specific friend.  

he will start out the conversation with something like.....

"mommy, i'm thinking we should go to my friend's house today".
"oh, yeah?"
"yeah, i'm thinking we should play with karin and flora!"

and these two really do play pretty well together.  though they do have such a high comfort level with each other, that they aren't always on their best behaviour together. 
(pretty sure that flora doesn't like it when hendrix tries to be the boss.....which is, well, ummm.....kind of often these days.....)

karin and i have been friends since before either of these two were born, and since they are so close in age, it has been so fun to watch them grow up together.  just for fun i poked my head through some old photos of the two of them......

here we are introducing hendrix to flora when she was still in the hospital.

even though hendrix is just a little over a month older, he got much bigger faster.....i loved those early playdates where we laid them on the floor together and they were oblivious to each other!  lol

hendrix's first and second birthday fun to share special milestones with friends!

and then picking pumpkins together!

i am so glad that he is learning the value of friendship! 

i feel so blessed to have my friend karin in my life, and look forward to many more years of watching these two kiddos grow up and play together ;)

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