Tuesday, August 5, 2014

wood floors! {mini house tour}

this is my room and the only room upstairs that was hardwood floors when we moved in.  the other rooms had cream colored carpet in them, which was getting quite stained and icky from the year that we have lived here with our two small children.

this weekend we ripped it up.

we were hopeful that the wood floors underneath would have potential, though we really didn't know what kind of shape they would be in.

we are thrilled!!!

while they could still use to be refinished (as could all the floors in our whole house), they are beautiful and worn, and perfect.  in fact, we are leaving them just the way they are (for now).

i wish we would have done it sooner!  ;)

now this only leaves the bathroom.  
this is the final room in our house with carpet.  
i hate it.  AND it is coming out too......but this one will be a bigger project.  there is linoleum underneath it.....and some parts that are just subfloor (from what we can tell from peeking up under the corners.......i know our end game involves a pretty big remodel......so we are still talking about the phases.

but today, i will think about our successful progress and ignore the stained footprints near the sink.  lol ;)

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