Monday, July 14, 2014

wiggletail {pet adoption}

we adopted our first pet today.

i am going to be honest and say that i didn't think this was ever going to happen......

i am not really a pet person.  
i didn't grow up with them, and i didn't think we were missing out on anything.


this kitty picked us.

about a month ago he showed up on our doorstep where he hung around for a couple days, meowing, begging for attention, and then trying to get into the house during some thunderstorms.  i felt badly for him, but wasn't about to just open the door and let him in, so i called animal control and they came and picked him up.  

during this time, my kind hearted toddler decided to name him wiggletail, and was very concerned about his safety.  the volunteer who picked him up told us that we could check in to see if wiggletail gets reunited with his owner, and if he isn't claimed in 9 days then he would go up for adoption.  he was a super friendly kitty so it seemed probable that he would be back in a loving family very soon!

of course, we had to check in on him.  apparently his previous owner did call in to claim him, but never came to pick him up, so he was still in need of a good home.  my kids were so delighted when they would talk about wiggletail's brief stay here, giggling about when he was stuck under the porch, and smiling about how he let them pet him.......

i just couldn't help myself.  

i hope this will be a good experience for my kids.  and so far so good.

wiggletail is very friendly, patient and calm.  

this little sweetie is truly delighted!!  i mean literally squeals of joy when she sees him from across the room.  

hendrix is a bit more apprehensive; if he makes any sudden movements it freaks hendrix out, but he sure loves the idea of him.  ;)

wish us luck on this new venture!

pet owners.  

who knew?!?! 

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