Monday, January 28, 2013

hendrix the artist

hendrix has enjoyed creating artwork from a very young age. 

i think we may have introduced him to crayons earlier than most, and since then he has become fascinated with markers, paint, chalk, playdough, and his most recent obsession - elmer's glue.  

he fondly refers to these things as his 'projects' and he would work on them all day everyday if we would let him!  lol  

i love the look he gets when he is concentrating very hard on making it look just perfect.  he totally takes after his daddy on this one!

he has a very artistic eye when it comes to playdough, and his favorite part is mixing every single color together.  

it does look pretty cool as a rainbow of colors, that is of course, until it gets so mixed that it turns into a blobbish shade of blue-green.  

our little lefty is getting more experienced everyday at coloring inside the lines on pictures.  he seems especially interested in coloring toes, beaks and eyes.  he has also taken an interest in discussing what color things are 'supposed' to be....

while i definitely want him to explore and think outside the box, i also like that he is trying to rationalize and understand the 'norms' around him.  

when we drove by a white barn the other day, he told me that it wasn't a barn.  
barns are red.  
interesting the things that kids pick up....

my fridge is covered with pompoms and feathers.  

aren't you jealous?


  1. You are so daring. I just see the mess of dishwasher detergent on my floor and think what damage B could do with a bottle of elmers ;O)

  2. So much focus in his eyes! Great capture! I love this little picture series. Thank you for sharing.
    Bella xx


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