Monday, November 19, 2012

six weeks

my sweet baby girl is 6 weeks old already.  we are starting to see her little personality unfold and it is so sweet to see her calmly taking in the world around her.

she has such an easy going personality and though she is a fabulous sleeper, she is spending more time awake just watching her brother run wild, looking at her animals, and snuggling in mommy and daddy's arms. 

i think that she is going to have blue eyes, and i love that we get to see more and more of them these days!

she has been perfecting her modeling poses and does a great job of cooperating when mommy wants to catch her being a sweet little doll!

she is also starting to give us some little smiles!  she has actually been a smiley girl since the day we came home from the hospital; but now they are in response to us talking to her which absolutely melts me!

i think her looks are really starting to change as she grows and fills out a bit, and she is looking less and less like her brother to me.

she has grown out of all her newborn outfits and is wearing size three months already.  i was shocked to have to clean out her drawers already, but thrilled to see little bits of chub on her legs and cheeks and know that she is getting enough milk to thrive and grow!

she is going for longer and longer stretches at night, though nothing very consistently.  we have had two random 8 hour stretches (though of course they started at like 7pm, so mommy did not take advantage of the opportunity to get that much sleep in a row......i wish i had!) 

 i am starting to get in the groove of the midnight feedings though, and don't feel as much like a zombie these days...

hendrix is still an adoring big brother, and loves that she wants to play more these days.  he likes to tell her what sounds animals make, and recently has taken an active role in plugging her up with a paci at just the slightest little whimper.

these two keep my days (and nights) full!  ;)  

love them to pieces......


  1. I tell you what Jen, if anyone makes babies as cute as mine (because of course your own are ALWAYS the cutest) it's you!! :-) I love watching your two grow up.

    1. thanks janice ;) you have some super cuties too! i look forward to seeing more photos of mr. zane! enjoy settling into your 'new normal' ;)

  2. She is so precious! These pictures just melt my heart! Hendrix is as handsome as ever! What a beautiful family you have.


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