Monday, January 20, 2014

messy little fingers

so my little crafters were looking for a project this morning.

i reluctantly let hendrix show blaire the ropes on finger painting...

she started out very timid, and well, very clean about the whole thing.

actually he really did too.  he was very meticulous about keeping the colors separate, and even using certain colors on certain fingers....

it was quite a change of pace from the last time i documented his finger painting skills!

i love how proud she was of her work.  

and how much she babbled while she was working!

and i really adore his concentration face.  

he looks so much like his daddy when he gets lost in his work!

gotta love me a little crafty mess every once in a while!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

my little valentines

ever since hendrix found out that christmas is over he has been looking forward to the next holiday.  this one is full of red and pink construction paper and heart stickers.  

what is not to love?!

while i am not sure that i will ever be able to compete with the awesome valentine themed photos i took of my kiddos last year; i have come to accept the limitations my kids have for photoshoots, and am learning to work within those parameters. 

simple is best.

if i am lucky, i might get 2 minutes out of hendrix.  

for blaire it is more like 45 seconds.

aww, but they are cute, even if i do say so myself.

and all that cool dude attitude is still quite endearing to me at this point.

awww, this little peanut is really just bursting at the seams with independence and excitement as she discovers new things.  she is a professional squealer, and seriously prefers to use intonation to communicate as opposed to words.  daddy is about the only clear thing out of her mouth, and everything else is just mumbling.  we all know where he stands (and thus where mommy stands, somewhere much lower than daddy in her book).

she has the biggest smile and it just lights up our family.  we are all smitten with her - especially big brother hendrix!

oh, and do you see those sweet little pink fingernails?  she really wanted me to paint them the other day, and i can't believe how grown up that made her look.  she has already started toddling around with much more coordination (even bending her knees), and is mastering running......

these kids are growing up.

love them to pieces!