Monday, March 31, 2014

blaire's first {real} zoo visit

we celebrated this finally gorgeous spring weather with a trip to the zoo over the weekend.  i am going to consider this blaire's first real zoo trip, as it was the first time that she was awake and interested in the exhibits, and boy, was she interested! 

she just pointed and 'oooohed' at everything!  

oh, and she wanted to be down and walk around like a big girl.  you know, she is a big girl now.  ;)

this was actually the first official outing that we have had with our two kids in which we didn't bring a stroller, a wagon, or even a diaper bag (don't worry, we had that in the van in case we had an emergency......but we didn't need it during our 2 hour zoo visit).

it. was. awesome.

our kids seem to have achieved this crazy manageable stage in which planning and going on outings doesn't require near the emotional energy and effort, not to mention physical exertion of carrying them around everywhere that it used to.  they are becoming independent and it is so cool to see.

seriously guys, i should probably be like a tiny bit sad about this.....but really i am just ready to throw one heck of a party.  should i sell the stroller?  

(i'm seriously thinking of downgrading to just an umbrella one for real......)

blaire's vocabulary is still pretty limited, but it has recently expanded to include the all-important phrases,

"i jump"
"i down"
"i do it"

yeap, she wants to call all the shots.  

and she has daddy wrapped around her finger......

i absolutely LOVE our matching sunglasses!  i think she makes the perfect 'mini-me' ;)

and these two really are the bestest of friends.  he adores his little blaire-belle and goes to great efforts to steer her in the right direction, and help shield and protect her.  she doesn't always love the way he smothers her, but she does adore the attention.  they are a good pair.

our zoo trip was followed by a picnic lunch that was just perfect!

and what family outing would be complete without a little 'minor photoshoot' from mommy?  the lighting was gorgeous, and this girl is one of my favorites subjects, so i just couldn't resist ;)  

too bad my other child won't let me get the camera near him anymore unless i bribe him.........

it was seriously a perfect family day.

a day that i really needed.

after this long winter, and this busy weekend work schedule......i was so happy to relax and enjoy a gorgeous morning and afternoon with my family.

happy spring!  ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

it's beginning to feel a bit like spring!

i love that first gorgeous spring day.  
the one where you get outside and play and don't even have to wear coats!

the sunshine

the smells

the sounds

even if it is a bit premature, and even if we do have more winter in store yet, there is something about that first nice day that gives me hope that winter won't last forever. ;)

and i think these kiddos need that same hope after this long winter!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

swinging in the snow

gotta love these crazy long iowa winters.....

we don't let a little snow get in the way of our park fun! 

these smiles warm my soul even if the sunshine is still quite a bit chilly!