Monday, July 22, 2013

summer photos

my little loves are sure growing up.

mister hendrix here is two and a half and full of personality.  he likes to be in charge, and though he adores blaire, he also wants her to leave his stuff alone!

he is also dreadfully difficult to photograph these days.  he doesn't stay put, and he only wants to cheese-smile (which i hate).  oh. well.......

miss blaire is 9 months already.  she is still all chub and giggles, and is starting to get mobile.  she doesn't crawl yet, but she can get herself around a room, and is starting to pull up to things.  her drive to be on-the-go is increasing, which is lots of fun!  she adores being outdoors, and worships her big brother ;)

i have never seen a more energetic child......

nor have i seen a sweeter smile!  ;)

wouldn't trade them for anything. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

color run

This past weekend my little family participated in the color run in Des Moines. My brother had a work team signed up and we decided to join them and take the kids!  

I think it was a super cool experience to teach our toddler about family fitness, and it was just an enjoyable morning to spend together as a family!  The weather was gorgeous and the crowd loved Hendrix's enthusiasm for the colors and running ;)

Our smiley little Blaire-girl slept in the burley for most of the 5k,

But this cool-dude-wannabe insisted that he run the race; so he alternated between jogging with daddy, riding on daddy and mommy's shoulders, rolling in the piles of color at each station, and giving thumbs ups to reinforce how much fun he was having....

At the end we were exhausted and colorful but it was a blast!

During the race at some point Hendrix said "this is such hard work, but it is so fun!" and I was encouraged that we are planting seeds that will encourage him to make good choices about health and fitness as he grows.  

Oh and here the little sneaky mister was dumping a whole packet (maybe even two!) of orange powder paint on uncle jake.  He is so tricky, huh?!?

I don't think we were in the van more than three minutes before he was completely konked out!

What a fun day!

Friday, July 12, 2013

playroom - check

alright.  we have been living in our new house for almost a month now, and i finally got the playroom settled in last night.

my kids expressed their approval to me this morning  ;)

aren't they the sweetest cowboys ever?!?

yeap, that leaves only one final room for me to tackle.....

my office.

look for photos and updates soon as i am finally starting to feel caught up on life, family, and photography.