Wednesday, May 15, 2013

catching up

both my kiddos are really growing up.

i turned my back for just a minute while my hubby and i got our house cleaned up and ready to sell (more to come on our house update soon....we sold our house and will be moving to our new home mid-june), and my sweet baby girl started sitting up and playing with toys like a big girl.

yeap, she is now seven months old!  

and her brother is still enamoured with her.  he has started to say things like "stop it blaire", "no, that is MY iPad", and "blaire, what are you talking about?!".....but for the most part, i see snuggles, soft face touches, smooches, and giggles shared between the two.  ;)

he loves to console her when she fusses, and still proudly introduces her to people as if she just joined the family yesterday.

i love seeing the sibling moments.   i can tell already that he is going to enjoy bossing her around.  but honestly, i think i prefer that to completely ignoring her. ;)

and she. adores. him.

no joke. 

her little pudgy arms and legs just appear even more endearing to me when i see her in little summer tanks and skirts.....

she is so sweet! 

this little gal is throwing me for a loop with her lack of interest in baby food.  she doesn't like cereal, or purees at all.  she likes fruit in a teether, and she loves chewing on the "mum-mums" (which we fondly refer to as surfboards around here!), but otherwise she is just the heartiest breastfeeder ever.  it seems to be working for her.....though i do wish we could get away from the midnight feedings......

happiest. baby. ever.

and this little dude is still so energetic!  he loves to help with everything, and initiates projects and crazy imaginary play. he is starting to get old enough to reason with and is learning delayed gratification.

he would spend every. single. waking moment outside if i let him.  this is cool with me, but proving to be a little more difficult with his super-easily-sunburnt-even-in-the-shade baby sister.  i think i should own stock in baby sunscreen.  at least sunhats are super adorable ;)

everyday i wake up thankful for these two little slices of sunshine in my life.  

they make life super interesting, terribly busy, and sweet beyond belief. ;)

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