Wednesday, June 13, 2012

and on his farm there were some cows......

last week i took hendrix to the iowa state dairy farm open house, and we got to go for a tour of the cow barns and milking facility.  as they pulled us through the barn hendrix got so excited and started hollering "cow" and "another" over and over and over again.

it was fun to see his enthusiasm!  
and i found the tour really interesting too.
there are over 400 milking cows currently housed in this one barn!

after the tour hendrix got to see a calf up close and even pet it, but of course my monkey boy wasn't satisfied to stop there, he wanted to climb in with him.   

this is so much fun, mom!

there were some fun educational booths set up as part of the open house, and also some yummy dairy treats (including chocolate milk and yogurt.....yum!)

he really enjoyed the trip, and kept pointing to the barns and saying 'cows'.

but this was his sad response when i told him he couldn't 'ride' the cow......

we save that for horses, buddy. ;)

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  1. Awww! So glad you had a great time! Thanks for going out and visiting!


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