Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hand-made Goodness

So I have been seeing this trend on facebook of people promising hand-made goodies to the first five people to comment on their messages.  While I have wanted so desperately to sign up on each one of them, I have thought long and hard about it and ended up not joining because I think I might have enough on my plate right now. :) 

This whole fad, however, reminded me of all the home-made Christmas presents that we worked so hard on this year, and I realized that I never posted the finished product of the ornaments that Hendrix made for his family and close friends. 

I must warn for anyone who is interested in a project like this, that the idea of playing in paint would probably appeal  more to an older child. :)  While the size of his little hand makes this ornament absolutely was very difficult to get him to make perfect impressions without balling his little fist up.  In fact, Daddy had to go after us with a paintbrush and touch them up a little bit.

The little poem induced tears from his grandparents when they opened them, and I am glad that we choose to do something heartfelt.  I imagine we will see these on their trees for years to come. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness Jen! These are ADORABLE!!!!!! And I LOVE the poem - might have to steal this idea someday! :0)

  2. You know how much I LOVE handmade...I'll take anything you want to make me!!!!!!! The best part of Christmas is reminiscing over each special gift we have received from our children and now, grandchildren, family and friends. Each ornament and decoration has a special story or memory :)

  3. OH wow! I love the snowmem and poems! What a good idea! I wish I had thought of that! Thanks for dropping by my page! I love that they are about the same age also! I havent tried him on cereal yet! I have been waiting to talk to the pedi at his 4 month appt. We started juice only because the doctor thought it might help him poop, lol. It doesnt seem to be working! Have you tried cereal? When are you planning on starting solids. Im gonna wait until 5 or 6 months. I wanna make sure Lukes digestive track is mature since he was born 6 weeks early! I just love all the photos of Hendrix, hes precious! I wish I had a pool to take Luke in! Take care!


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