Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bloggin' Break

This was a wonderful Christmas!

Hendrix enjoyed meeting his Aunti Em, who made it home on a standby flight from London, a few days late because of snow, but still before Christmas.  :)  She enjoyed making up for lost time with him, and he really took a quick liking to her.  I am sure that it helps that she looks and sounds alot like Mommy!  lol

We got our new van just in time for me to take it home for the holidays.  I love the smooth ride and all the space.  We sure filled it up for the return trip home with all of Hendrix's loot.

Hendrix made out like a bandit this Christmas.  He got so many good toys and clothes and books, for right now I would say his favorite gift is his jumparoo toy that plays music.   Thank you Papa and Nana. :)  He had a very special first Christmas, and I am already looking forward to next year when he will be able to actually open his presents himself!

It was wonderful to have my entire family in the same room for a couple different occasions, and I was thrilled that my brother's fiance, Hannah, was able to join us for Christmas morning.  I love all the commotion at my parent's house!

I have a ton of beautiful pictures that I can't wait to share with you (yes, I literally have a couple hundred pictures of the holiday weekend.....), but unfortunately, our laptop decided to give up the fight on us.  It was three years old and we knew that it was going to need to be replaced soon. 

We have had enough financial hits this month that we are going to try to make do without a computer until we can save up a little more cash.   While we managed to stay within our Christmas present budget this year (I think that might be a first!), we have some medical expenses from my gallbladder surgery, and the whole new van thing kind of threw our budget out the window. lol 

Until we get a new computer, I won't be able to share my photos with you, and I may even take a little break from blogging.  :(  Please be patient with me, and I will catch you up on our lives as soon as I can!

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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